Reservations & Waitlist


  • While we welcome clients to walk in on a first come first served basis, class sizes are limited.  Therefore, we highly recommend reserving classes in order to reserve your space in class.
  • Our online reservation system and our mobile app make it very easy to reserve spots and cancel reservations if necessary.
  • You may make a class reservation starting 14 days before class and up to 30 minutes before class begins.


  • Spaces often open up in class as clients change their schedules.  If you’d like to attend a class that is full, please put yourself on the waitlist.
  • We recommend that you opt-in to receive notifications by text and email. If you do, you will receive both a text and an email as soon as you have been added from the waitlist.  If you have chosen not to receive automated notifications, please log into your online profile to check your status on the waitlist.
  • Ignore the “unconfirmed” status next to your reservation after you have been added to the waitlist; your space is guaranteed, and we will look forward to seeing you in class.

Cancellations & Absences

We understand that you lead busy lives, and our cancellation policy is designed to provide you the flexibility to manage your schedule while allowing others to take your spot if you cancel.

For weekend morning classes, you may cancel your reservation up to 12 hours before the start of class. For weekday 6am classes, you may cancel your reservation up to 8 hours before the start of class.
For all other classes, you may cancel your reservation online or by phone up to 1 hour before the start of class.

If you do not cancel before those time frames, you may incur a charge.

  • Clients with unlimited packages will be charged a $10 fee.
  • Clients with class packages will lose 1 class from that package.
  • Remember: if you are on the waitlist, it is your responsibility to monitor your status on the waitlist, as you may have been added to class. Please ignore the status that says “unconfirmed,” we are holding a reserved space for you in class, and if you cannot attend you must cancel your reservation as stated above.

Class Package Expirations

Class packages and drop-in class purchases expire 1 year after purchase.  Unlimited packages expire 30 days after activation.


All sales are final.  We do not permit returns, exchanges, transfers, or extensions.


Please wear exercise pants that are at least knee length, tops that cover your midriff and socks that cover your entire foot.

Late Arrival

    If this is your first Bar Method class, please arrive 10-15 minutes early for a tour of the studio and to get settled in, as new students may not enter once class has started.

    Returning students may enter up to 10 minutes after class has started, provided the class is not full. If the class is full or waitlisted, however, returning students must be in the studio at the start of class or we may give your space away to another student who is waiting.

Studio Policies

Gum and cell phones are not allowed in the exercise studios during class.

Water is the only beverage permitted in the studio, and it must be in a capped container.

The minimum age requirement is 13 years old. Clients between the ages of 13-18 must be escorted in by a guardian to sign paperwork before their first class.

Health Conditions

If you have a serious health condition, such as heart condition, epilepsy, lupus, or severe sciatica, we require a doctors note on your first visit that allows you to take stretching and strengthening classes. If you have questions about whether your health condition requires a doctors note, please email or call the studio to inquire.

Pregnant Clients

New and continuing pregnant clients must bring us a doctors note that clearly states the client may take strengthening and stretching classes during her pregnancy.

Please inform your teacher you are pregnant before class. NEW CLIENTS who are pregnant must first watch The Bar Method Pregnancy DVD a minimum of 5 times as a qualification if they have not taken at least one Bar Method class previously.

Although not required, we urge pregnancy clients to call or email the studio to schedule a free brief consultation with a Bar Method instructor to discuss modifications which will to allow the exercises to be performed comfortably and safely throughout pregnancy. For more information about the Bar Method and pregnancy, click here.

Please inform your teacher and our front desk staff you are pregnant before class begins.

Kids Room

We have limited space available in our Kids Room. Reservations are highly recommended. The price is $5 per child. The minimum age is 3 months, and all children under age 10 must be supervised in our Kids Room.

Our Kids Room is equipped with toys, books, drawing tools, and videos. Please bring your own diapers and bottles if needed. Your child may bring snacks as long as they do not contain nuts. No sick kids please!

You must cancel your kids room reservation at least one hour before class to avoid being charged.